opis atrakcyjne miejsce

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opis atrakcyjne miejsce

Postprzez Żona Szachisty » N maja 06, 2007 2:02 pm

Prosze o sprawdzenie I poprawienie błędów
Temat „Gdyby turysta z Wielkiej Brytani zapytał Cie o najbardziej atrakcyjne turystyczne miejsce w Polsce, które byś poleciła? Opisz to miejsce podkreślając jego walory.”
Dzięki za pomoc

For me the most attractive tourist place in Poland, which I could frankly recommend for everyone is Ustka. I like this place very much and each year I spend here marvelous holiday.

So where does this town is and what is it look like? Ustka is situated on the northern coast of Poland at the Baltic seaside. This town is set among coniferous forests and a long sandy beach, where you can find amber if you are a lucky dog. If you want to relax and calm down you should visit this place because here is very healthy air including iodine.

This place is also special for a number of other reasons. One of them is boardwalk, a place where a social life is rolling. If you are outgoing and like meet new people, you will not be disappointed because I am sure here you find someone interesting. Another value of Ustka is that nearby finds Slowinski National Park, where people can watch real sand dune, interesting flora, fauna and cliffs.

So I must tell that I really love this place. When I must return home and leave Ustka there is always “why so soon” in my heart. Come here and find out for yourself, I am sure that when you discover it beautifully you will want to come back here each time.
Żona Szachisty
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Postprzez arturolczykowski » N maja 06, 2007 4:00 pm

"discover it beautifully" -- discover its beauty

"So where does this town is and what is it look like?" -- So, where is this town ( or where can I find it) and what does it look like?
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