neither – either




(1) neither

There are 2 pubs in my street.
Neither pub is nice.

(2) neither of the/these/those/my
I’ve read neither of these books.

Is she American or English?
Neither.She is Australian.

(4) Neither…nor…(ani..ani…)
He neither wrote nor phoned.
Neither John norTom came to me.

-‘I haven’t done my homework’
-‘Neither has he.’

Mr Flower doesn’t like cats. Neither does he like dogs.

Mary isn’t going to study. Neither is she going to work.

You mustn’t smoke! Neither must you drink alcohol.

(1) either
There are 2 pubs in my street.
We can go to either pub.(2) either of the/these/my/his
I haven’t read either of these books.

Do you want tea or coffee?
Either. I don’t mind.

(4) either…or…(albo…albo)
She is either English or American.
Either you stay or you go!

I haven’t done my homework and he hasn’t done it either.

Mr Flowers doesn’t like cats. He doesn’t like dogs either.

Mary isn’t going to study. She isn’t going to work either.

You mustn’t smoke! You mustn’t drink alcohol either.

EITHER (też, także)-przeczenia
He doesn’t know her either.

TOO (też, także)-zd. oznajmujące
He knows her too.

(1) both
There are 2 pubs in my street.
Both (pubs) are nice.(2) both of the/these/my/his
Both of these pubs are nice.
Both of my parents live in London.
(Both my parents live in London.)

(3) both of us/you/them
Both of us knew him.=We both knew him.
Both of them liked the film.=They both liked the film.

He is both an actor and a director.
Both Ann and Jim were late.

EACH OTHER/ ONE ANOTHER – się, siebie nawzajem

(dotyczy 2 osób) (odnosi się do więcej niż 2 osób)

*John and his friend telephone each other.
*John and his friends telephone one another.
*Tom and Mary like each other.

!!! They looked at each other. (Spojrzeli jeden na drugiego.)

They looked at themselves. (Spojrzeli na samych siebie.)