Homografy to słowa, które mają identyczną pisownię ale różne znaczenia.
Tu znajdziecie ich pełną listę

Homographs are words that have identical spellings but different pronunciations and different meanings. Some dictionaries call these types of words heteronyms.
The list was taking the following format:
word Class (n)
pronunciation #1 first definition
pronunciation #2 second definition
All homographs are not created equal! Your definition of what is acceptable might not match mine. The list were classified using the following class definitions:
A – All of the following „detractions” are absent.
B – Basic meanings of the words are related.
C – Capitalization differences. One or more of the words is a proper noun (and can be found in a standard dictionary).
D – Different spellings also exist (US vs. UK, hyphenation, etc.)
E – Equal pronunciations also exist (US vs. UK, regional, etc.)
F – Foreign letters (the word is part of the English language, but one or more of the letters has a diacritical over one or more letters).
P – Place name or Person’s name (not found in a dictionary).
S – Slang (not found in a dictionary.)
ablative Class (A)
AB-la-tiv a grammatical case
a-BLAIT-iv tends to ablate (vaporize)
absent Class (B)
AB-sent missing
ab-SENT to keep oneself away
abstract Class (B,E)
AB-strakt a summary
ab-STRAKT or AB-strakt not like an object
abuse Class (B)
a-BYOOZ ~ a drug
a-BYOOS drug ~
accent Class (B,E)
AK-sent the ~ is on bright colors
ak-SENT or AK-sent ~ the positive
acuminate Class (B)
a-KYOO-mi-nut pointed
a-KYOO-mi-nate to make pointed
addict Class (B)
a-DIKT to cause to become dependent
AD-ikt one who is dependent
address Class (B,E)
AD-res or a-DRES location
a-DRES to write the location
adduct Class (A)
AD-ukt a chemical addition product
a-DUKT to bring together similar parts
adept Class (B)
AD-ept a highly skilled person
a-DEPT highly skilled
adulterate Class (B)
a-DUL-tu-rate to make impure
a-DUL-tu-rut has engaged in adultery
advert Class (A)
AD-vert advertisement (British)
ad-VERT to refer to casually
advocate Class (B,E)
AD-vu-kut or AD-vu-kate a lawyer
AD-vu-kate to argue in favor of
aerial Class (B,E)
AR-ee-al or ER-ee-al pertaining to aircraft
ER-ee-al or AR-ee-al antenna
affect Class (B,E)
a-FEKT to influence
AF-ekt the subjective aspect of an emotion
affiliate Class (B,E)
a-FIL-ee-ate to accept as an associate
a-FIL-ee-ut or a-FIL-ee-ate an associate
affix Class (B)
a-FIKS to attach to
AF-iks an appendage
agape Class (A)
a-GAYP wide open
OG-e-pay form of love
aged Class (B,E)
AY-jed or AYJD of an advanced age
AYJD a man ~ 40 years
agglomerate Class (B)
a-GLOM-u-rate to gather into a ball
a-GLOM-u-rut gathered into a ball
agglutinate Class (B)
a-GLOOT-i-nate to cause to clump together
a-GLOOT-i-nut agglutinative
aggregate Class (B)
AG-ri-gate to gather into a whole
AG-ri-gut the whole
agora Class (A)
AG-or-uh a gathering place
a-gor-AH Israeli money
aliment Class (B)
AL-i-ment food
AL-i-MENT to give food to
alloy Class (B,E)
AL-oy or uh-LOY combined metals
uh-LOY or AL-oy to mix so as to form an alloy
ally Class (B,E)
ah-LIE or AL-eye to join with others
AL-eye or ah-LIE one who is allied
alternate Class (B)
ALL-tur-nate to switch back and forth
ALL-tur-nut ~ plan
ana Class (E)
AN-uh an equal quantity of each
AY-nuh or AN-uh a collection of anecdotes
analyses Class (B,D)
a-NAL-a-seez plural of noun analysis
AN-al-ize-ez plural of verb analyse (UK spelling)
animate Class (B)
AN-i-mate to give life to
AN-i-mut living
annex Class (B,E)
a-NEKS or AN-eks to take for oneself
AN-eks an addition to a building
antedate Class (B,E)
ANT-i-date an assigned date earlier than actual
ant-i-DATE or ANT-i-date to assign an earlier date
appropriate Class (A)
a-PRO-pree-ate take possession of
a-PRO-pree-ut suitable
approximate Class (B)
a-PROKS-i-mate to be nearly the same as
a-PROKS-i-mut nearly correct
are Class (E)
EHR or AHR metric unit of area
AHR where ~ you?
ares Class (C)
EHRZ plural metric unit of area
EHR-eez Greek god of war
arithmetic Class (B)
a-RITH-mu-tik reading, writing, and ~
ar-ith-MET-ik ~ scale
arses Class (A)
AR-suz plural of arse
AR-seez plural of arsis
articulate Class (B)
ar-TIK-u-late to speak clearly
ar-TIK-u-lut one who speaks clearly
as Class (A)
AZ like
ASS Roman coin
AYZ plural of a
aspirate Class (B)
AS-pi-rate inhale
AS-pi-rut material removed by aspiration
asses Class (E)
ASS-uz plural of ass
ASS-eez or ASS-uz plural of as (the coin)
associate Class (B,E)
as-O-she-ate join with
as-O-she-ut or as-O-she-ate whom one is joined with
ate Class (A)
AIT past of eat
OT-tee reckless ambition
attaches Class (F)
uh-TACH-ez plural of attach
at-a-SHAYZ plural of attach?
attenuate Class (B)
u-TEN-yu-wate to make thin or slender
u-TEN-yu-wut thin or slender
attribute Class (A)
a-TRIB-ewt regard as a cause
AT-ri-bewt characteristic feature
august Class (C,E)
AW-gust month
aw-GUST or AW-gust admirable
axes Class (A)
AK-sez plural of ax
AK-seez plural of axis
ay Class (D)
AY yes (also aye)
EYE ~ me; expressing regret
bases Class (A)
BAY-sez plural of base
BAY-seez plural of basis
bass Class (A)
BASS fish
BAYS deep voice
baton Class (P)
bu-TAWN passed in a relay race
BAT-un ~ Rouge, Louisiana
begin Class (P)
bee-GIN start
BAY-gun Israeli Prime Minister
Berlin Class (P)
bur-LIN city in Germany
BUR-lun city in New Hampshire
bis Class (S)
BIS again
BUYZ bisexuals (slang)
blessed Class (B,E)
BLES-ed or BLEST revered
BLEST he ~ her
boule Class (A)
BOO-lee ancient Greek legislative council
BOOL pear-shaped mass with a single crystal
bow Class (A)
BAHW ~ and stern
BOE ~ and arrow
bowed Class (B)
BAHWD she ~ her head
BOAD the branch was ~
buffet Class (A)
BUF-et hit repeatedly
bu-FAY type of furniture
bustier Class (A)
BUS-tee-ur more busty
BOOS-tee-ay feminine attire
certificate Class (B)
sur-TIF-i-kut document providing authentication
sur-TIF-u-kate testify
chaps Class (A)
CHAPS fellows
SHAPS leather leggings
chassis Class (B)
CHASS-ee vehicle undercarriage
CHASS-eez vehicle undercarriages
close Class (A)
KLOS nearby
KLOZ ~ the door
coagulate Class (B,E)
ko-AG-u-late curdle
ko-AG-u-lut or ko-AG-u-late that which has coagulated
coax Class (S)
KOKES persuade
KOE-ax slang for coaxial cable
colon Class (B,E,F)
KOE-lun „:”
kaw-LOAN or ku-LOAN colonial farmer
ku-LOAN Costa Rican monetary unit
combat Class (B,E)
kum-BAT or KOM-bat fight against
KOM-bat armed battle
combine Class (B)
KOM-byn association of people
kum-BYN to unite
commune Class (E)
kuh-MYEWN ~ with nature
KOM-yewn or kuh-MYEWN small collective unit, typically rural
compact Class (B,E)
kum-PAKT or KOM-pakt ~ the trash
KOM-pakt ~ car
complex Class (B,E)
kom-PLEX or KOM-plex intricate
KOM-plex apartment ~
compound Class (B,E)
kum-POWND or KOM-pownd ~ our problems
KOM-pownd ~ fracture
compress Class (B)
kum-PRES make smaller
KOM-pres bandage
concert Class (B)
KON-sert musical performance
kun-SERT to plan by mutual agreement
concord Class (P)
KON-kord agreement
KONG-kurd city in New Hampshire
conduct Class (B)
kun-DUKT to guide
KON-dukt behavior
confect Class (B)
kun-FEKT to put together
KON-fekt that which is confected
confines Class (B)
kun-FYNZ limits
KON-fynz the area where something is limited to
conflict Class (B)
KON-flikt a battle
kun-FLIKT their stories ~
conglomerate Class (B)
kun-GLOM-u-rut composed of many items
kun-GLOM-e-rate to gather into a whole
conjugate Class (B,E)
KON-ji-gut or KON-ju-gate joined together
KON-ju-gate to join together
conscript Class (B)
KON-skript one forced to enroll
kun-SKRIPT to force someone to enroll
conserve Class (B)
kun-SURV to preserve with sugar
KON-surv a candied fruit
console Class (A)
kun-SOLE provide solace
KON-sole panel containing controls
consort Class (B,E)
KON-sort lover
kun-SORT or KON-sort to associate with
construct Class (B)
kun-STRUKT build
KON-strukt something built
consummate Class (B)
KON-soo-mut extremely skilled
KON-soo-mate ~ a marriage
contact Class (B,E)
KON-takt electrical connection
kun-TAKT or KON-takt to communicate with
content Class (A)
KON-tent what is contained
kun-TENT satisfied
contest Class (B)
KON-test competition
kun-TEST to dispute
contract Class (B)
KON-trakt sign the ~
kun-TRAKT ~ a disease
contrary Class (B,E)
KON-trer-y something that is opposite
kun-TRER-y or KON-trer-y unruly
contrast Class (B,E)
KON-trast a difference
kun-TRAST or KON-trast to show differences
converse Class (A)
KON-vurs logic term
kun-VURS to talk
convert Class (B)
kun-VURT to change
KON-vurt one who has been changed
convict Class (B)
kun-VIKT to find guilty
KON-vikt one who has been found guilty
coop Class (D)
KOOP chicken’s home
KOE-op short for cooperative (hyphenated)
coordinate Class (B,E)
koe-OR-di-nate to put in the same order or rank
koe-OR-di-nut or koe-OR-di-nate one that is in the same order or rank
corps Class (B)
KOR a member of the press ~
KORZ compare the ~ of the two ballet companies
crooked Class (B)
KROOK-ed ~ as a dog’s hind leg
KROOKD ~ my neck to see
cutin Class (D)
KYOO-tin The ~ makes the leaf feel waxy.
KUT-in Flow the text around the ~. (hyphenated)
decameter Class (D)
de-KAM-e-tur poetic line with 10 feet
DEK-a-mee-tur 10 meters (or „dekameter”)
defect Class (E)
DEE-fekt or di-FEKT flaw
di-FEKT to desert a cause
defense Class (B,D,E)
di-FENS speak out in ~ of justice (or „defence”)
DEE-fens or di-FENS offense and ~
defile Class (E)
di-FILE to sully or make dirty
DEE-file or di-FILE a narrow passage or gorge
degenerate Class (B)
dee-JEN-u-rate to get worse
dee-JEN-u-rut a pervert
delegate Class (B,E)
DEL-i-gate ~ your authority
DEL-i-gut or DEL-i-gate a person acting for another
deliberate Class (B)
dee-LIB-u-rut intentional
dee-LIB-u-rate to think carefully
desert Class (A)
DEZ-urt dry place
di-ZURT abandon
desiccate Class (B)
DES-i-kate to dry
DES-i-kut the product of desiccation
desolate Class (B)
DES-u-lut barren
DES-u-late to make barren
diagnoses Class (B)
DI-ag-no-sez he ~ the problems
di-ag-NO-sees he gives several ~
digest Class (A)
DIE-jest reader’s ~
die-JEST ~ your food
discharge Class (B,E)
dis-CHARJ to release
DIS-charj that which is released
divers Class (A)
DIE-vurz plural of diver
die-VURS various
do Class (A)
DUE perform
DOE 1st note of diatonic scale
does Class (A)
DUZ ~ this look good?
DOES plural of doe
dogged Class (B)
DOG-id tenacious
DOGD to track or trail persistently
dove Class (A)
DOVE dived
DUV bird
drawer Class (A)
DRAW-ur one who draws
DRAWR container for items
duplicate Class (B)
DUP-li-kut a copy
DUP-li-kate to make a copy
egress Class (B,E)
EE-gres an exit
ee-GRES to exit
ejaculate Class (B)
ee-JAK-u-late eject semen in orgasm
ee-JAK-u-lut ejected semen
elaborate Class (B)
i-LAB-u-rut rich in detail
i-LAB-u-rate give further detail on
ellipses Class (A)
i-LIP-sus plural of ellipse
i-LIP-seez plural of ellipsis
entrance Class (A)
EN-truns door
in-TRANS delight
escort Class (B)
ES-kort my ~ took me to the dance
es-KORT please ~ me to the dance
essay Class (B,E)
ES-ay piece of writing
e-SAY or ES-ay to put to a test
estimate Class (B)
ES-ti-mut a rough calculation
ES-tu-mate to make a rough calculation
ewe Class (C)
YOO female sheep
AY-way African language
excise Class (A)
EK-size type of tax
ik-SIZE to cut out
excuse Class (B)
ex-KYEWZ please ~ me for a minute
ex-KYEWS I need to think of an ~
exploit Class (E)
EK-sploit feat
ik-SPLOIT or EX-sploit take advantage of
expose Class (F)
ik-SPOZE reveal
ek-spoh-ZAY an exposure of something discreditable
extract Class (B)
EK-strakt derived from
il-STRAKT remove
ferment Class (B,E)
FUR-ment or fur-MENT yeast is a ~
fur-MENT ~ potatoes to make vodka
fiasco Class (E)
fee-AS-koh or fee-OS-koh complete failure
fee-OS-koh straw covered bottle
fillet Class (B,D,E)
fi-LAY piece of meat (also filet)
FIL-ut or fi-LAY to make into fillets
fine Class (A)
FINE one ~ day
FEE-nay musical term
forte Class (A)
FOERT strongest part of a blade
FOR-tay loud
frequent Class (B,E)
FREE-kwunt often occurring
free-KWENT or FREE-kwunt to visit repeatedly
gill Class (A)
GIL fish organ
JIL unit of volume
graduate Class (B)
GRAJ-u-wate successfully finish a degree
GRAJ-u-ut one who has graduated
grave Class (B)
GRAVE where you bury someone
GRAWV-ay slowly and solemnly (music direction)
hades Class (A)
HAID-eez hell (sometimes capitalized)
HAIDZ angles made by rock faults or veins
have Class (B,E)
HAV I ~ some already
HAFF or HAV do I ~ to?
he Class (A)
HEE pronoun
HAY 5th letter of Hebrew alphabet
herb Class (E,P)
HURB man’s name
URB or HURB flavorful plant
hinder Class (A)
HIN-dur hamper
HINE-dur Devil take the ~ most
house Class (B)
HOWSE dwelling
HOWZ give shelter to
import Class (B,E)
im-PORT or IM-port bring into a country
IM-port that which is brought in
impress Class (B)
im-PRES to mark with pressure
IM-pres the mark produce by impressing
incense Class (A)
in-SENS infuriate
IN-sens perfume for burning
incline Class (B)
in-KLINE to lean towards
IN-kline a slope
increase Class (B,E)
in-KREES ~ my salary!
IN-krees or in-KREES I want a salary ~!
initiate Class (B)
in-ISH-ee-ate to begin something
in-ISH-ee-ut one who has been initiated
insert Class (B)
in-SURT to put into
IN-surt something inserted
insult Class (B)
IN-sult a disrespectful remark
in-SULT to make a disrespectful remark
integral Class (B)
in-TEG-rul whole
INT-i-grul expressible in terms of integers
intercept Class (B)
in-tur-SEPT to halt something
INT-ur-sept that which has been intercepted
intermediate Class (B)
in-tur-MEE-dee-ut between
in-tur-MEE-dee-ate intervene
intern Class (E)
IN-turn hospital ~
in-TURN or IN-turn ~ the captives
intimate Class (A)
INT-u-mut personal or private
INT-u-mate to suggest
invalid Class (A)
IN-vu-lud incapacitated
in-VAL-ud wrong
invite Class (B)
in-VITE ask someone to attend
IN-vite an invitation
jagged Class (B)
JAGD moved in jerks
JAG-ud having a sharp, uneven edge
job Class (C)
JOB on the ~
JOBE the book of ~
jubilate Class (B,C)
JOO-bu-late rejoice
yoo-bu-LAW-tay joyous song
junker Class (C)
JUNG-kur old car
YOONG-kur member of the Prussian aristocracy
lame Class (F)
law-MAY gold ~ jacket
LAIM ~ duck
lamed Class (A)
LAIMD made disabled
LAWM-ed 12th letter of the Hebrew alphabet
laminate Class (B,E)
LAM-u-nate to combine layers of material
LAM-u-nut or LAM-u-nate composed of layers
lather Class (A)
LATHE-ur foam
LAYTH-ur one who works a lathe
LATH-ur one who uses laths
lead Class (A)
LED heavy metal
LEED show the way
learned Class (B)
LURND past tense of learn
LUR-nud knowledgeable
legate Class (A)
LEG-ut official emissary
li-GATE bequeath
legged Class (B,E)
LEG-ud four ~
LEGD he ~ his way to the top
legitimate Class (B)
li-JIT-u-mut legal or authorized
li-JIT-u-mate to make legitimate
lima Class (P)
LIME-uh type of bean
LEEM-uh city in Peru
live Class (B)
LIVE ~ audience
LIV ~ in harmony
lower Class (A)
LOWE-ur to move down
LOUW-ur frown
luger Class (A)
LEW-gur pistol
LEWZH-ur one who rides a luge
lunger Class (A)
LUNJ-ur one that lunges
LUNG-ur one that is tubercular
lupine Class (A)
LOO-pine wolfish
LOO-pin kind of flower
manes Class (C)
MAINZ plural of mane
MON-ase deified spirits of Roman dead
mare Class (A)
MAIR female horse
MAH-ray dark area on the moon
mate Class (F)
MAIT friend
MAW-tay South American beverage (mat?
micrometer Class (A)
my-KROM-u-tur measuring device
MY-krow-mee-tur a millionth of a meter
minute Class (A)
MIN-ut 60 seconds
my-NEWT wee
misconduct Class (B)
mis-KON-dukt your ~ is unacceptable
mis-kun-DUKT don’t ~ yourself while I’m gone
mobile Class (B,E)
MOWE-beel wind-blown sculpture
MOWE-bul or MOWE-beel movable
moderate Class (B)
MOD-u-rut not extreme
MOD-u-rate to make less extreme
mole Class (A)
MOAL underground denizen
MOE-lay type of Mexican food
moped Class (A)
MOWE-ped motorized bike
MOWEPT was gloomy
mouse Class (B)
MOWS rodent
MOWZ to hunt them
mouth Class (B)
MOWTHE to move one’s mouth
MOWTH what you speak with
mow Class (B)
MAUW hay ~
MOWE ~ the lawn
multiply Class (B)
MUL-tu-ply math operation
MUL-tu-plee it was ~ defined
nice Class (P)
NISE pleasant
NEES city in France
none Class (A)
NUN not any
NOAN 5th canonical hour
number Class (A)
NUM-bur we’re ~ one!
NUM-ur more numb
nun Class (A)
NUN woman in religious order
NUON 14th letter of Hebrew alphabet
object Class (A)
ub-JEKT disapprove
OB-jekt a material thing
obligate Class (B,E)
OB-lu-gate to bind legally or morally
OB-li-gut or OB-lu-gate bound to a restricted lifestyle
offense Class (B,E)
u-FENS or OFF-ens don’t take ~
OFF-ens the attacking team
os Class (A)
OS bone
OSE mouth or orifice
overage Class (A)
OH-vur-AIJ too old
OHV-rij excess
overlook Class (B)
OH-vur-look elevated spot with a view
oh-vur-LOOK to ignore
pan Class (A)
PAN metal container
PON a leaf of the betel vine
pasty Class (A)
PAY-stee paste-like
PASS-tee a meat pie
pate Class (B,F)
PAIT head
POT paste
paw-TAY meat spread
peaked Class (E)
PEEKD or PEEK-ed sharply pointed
PEEK-ed unhealthy looking
pedal Class (B,E)
PED-il place to put your foot
PEED-il or PED-il relating to the foot
peer Class (A)
PEER one’s equal
PEE-ur one who pees
perfect Class (B)
PUR-fekt the best possible
pur-FEKT to make better
periodic Class (A)
pir-ee-OK-ik regularly recurring
pur-eye-od-ik ~ acids, HIO4 for example
permit Class (B)
pur-MIT to allow
PUR-mit a pass
placer Class (A)
PLAY-sur one of the winners in a competition
PLAS-ur mineral deposit
plies Class (F)
PLYZ plural of ply
plee-AZE plural of pli?
polish Class (C)
POE-lish from Poland
POL-ish rub
prayer Class (B)
PRAY-ur one who prays
PRER say a ~
precipitate Class (B)
pri-SIP-u-tate to rain or snow
pri-SIP-ut-ut a solid separated from a solution
predicate Class (B)
PRED-i-kut part of a sentence
PRED-i-kate to assert or declare
premise Class (B,E)
PREM-us based on the ~ that all men are created equal
pri-MIZE or PREM-us I ~ that all men…
present Class (B)
pri-ZENT give
PREZ-ent gift
primer Class (E)
PRIM-ur or PRY-mur intro book for teaching
PRY-mur used for priming
proceeds Class (A)
pro-SEEDZ continues
PRO-seedz income
produce Class (B)
pru-DOOS create
PROD-oos fruits and veggies
progress Class (B)
PROG-rus movement towards a goal
pru-GRES to advance
project Class (A)
PRAW-ject undertaking
pru-JEKT hurl
prospect Class (B,E)
prus-PEKT or PROS-pekt explore
PROS-pekt a likely candidate
protest Class (B)
PRO-test display of disapproval
pru-TEST to object to
pussy Class (A)
POOS-ee ~ cat
PUS-ee full of pus
putting Class (A)
PUTT-ing golfing
POOT-ing placing
ragged Class (A)
RAGD tormented
RAG-ud tattered
rainier Class (P)
RAIN-ee-ur more rainy
ruh-NIR Mount ~ in Washington
raven Class (A)
RAY-vun black bird
RAV-un to devour greedily
re Class (E)
REE or RAY with regard to
RAY 2nd note of diatonic scale
mis/proof/read Class (B)
REED I will ~ that book
RED I already ~ that book
reading Class (P)
REED-ing ~ and writing
RED-ing city in Pennsylvania
real Class (A)
REEL actual
ray-OL former Spanish money
rebel Class (B)
ri-BEL to resist
REB-ul one who rebels
rebound Class (B)
REE-bound a sharp ~ in stock prices
REE-BOUND to recover from a setback
recall Class (B)
REE-kawl Chrysler issued a ~ of their mini-vans
ree-KAWL I can’t ~ just when
recap Class (B)
REE-kap a recapped tire
ree-KAP to put new tread on a tire
recess Class (B,E)
REE-ses or ri-SES a nook
ri-SES to put something into a recess
recoil Class (B,E)
ri-KOIL to flinch or wince
REE-koil or ri-KOIL the kickback of a gun
recollect Class (A)
rek-a-LEKT remember
REE-kol-ekt to collect again
record Class (B)
REK-urd ~ player
ri-KORD ~ the music
recreate/ion Class (A)
REK-ree-ate relax
REE-kree-ATE create again
redo Class (B,E)
REE-DUE do again
REE-due or REE-DUE redecorate
redress Class (B,E)
ri-DRES compensate
REE-dress or ri-DRES compensation
REE-DRES dress again
refill Class (B,E)
REE-fill a replenishment
ree-FILL or REE-fill fill again
refit Class (B,E)
ree-FIT to fit out or resupply
REE-fit or ree-FIT the act of refitting
reflex Class (A)
REE-fleks an automatic action
REE-FLEKS flex again
reform Class (A)
ri-FORM change for the better
REE-FORM form again
refund Class (B,E)
ri-FUND or REE-fund to return money
REE-fund the returned money
refuse Class (A)
ri-FUSE do not accept
REF-yoos garbage
regress Class (B)
ri-GRES to go back
REE-gres the act of reasoning backwards
rehash Class (B)
REE-hash I don’t want to sit through another ~ of the situation
ree-HASH Let’s ~ the problem together
reject Class (B)
REE-jekt one that has been rejected
ree-JEKT to refuse to accept
relapse Class (B,E)
ri-LAPS he may ~ back to his former troubles
REE-laps or ri-LAPS he had a ~ earlier this year
relay Class (A)
REE-lay electrical switch
ri-LAY pass on
release Class (A)
ree-LEES let go
REE-LEES lease again
remake Class (B)
REE-make have you seen the ~ of Beau Geste?
REE-MAKE I have to ~ the bed
repair Class (A)
ree-PAIR fix
REE-PAIR pair again
repent Class (A)
ri-PENT regret
REE-punt creeping
replay Class (B,E)
REE-play a repetition
ree-PLAY or REE-play play again
report Class (A)
ree-PORT give me a ~ on our progress
REE-PORT we’re going to have to ~ the software
represent Class (A)
rep-ri-ZENT stand for
REE-pri-ZENT present again
repress Class (A)
ri-PRES repress a bad memory
REE-PRES re-press a record
reprint Class (B)
REE-print can I get a ~ of that?
REE-PRINT we’ll have to ~ the whole thing again
reproof Class (A)
ri-PROOF I’ve never heard a word of ~ regarding her
REE-PROOF please ~ the article
rerun Class (B,E)
REE-run or REE-RUN a second showing
REE-RUN run again
research Class (A)
ri-SURCH investigate
REE-SURCH search again
reseda Class (A)
ri-SED-u type of flower
RAY-zu-da grayish green color
resent Class (A)
ree-ZENT be indignant
REE-SENT sent again
reserve Class (A)
ri-ZURV hold back
REE-SURV serve again
reside Class (A)
ree-ZIDE I ~ in California
REE-SIDE I want to ~ my garage
resign Class (A)
ri-ZINE quit
REE-SIGN sign again
resolve Class (A)
ri-ZOLV settle dispute
REE-SOLV solve again
resort Class (A)
ri-ZORT vacation spot
REE-SORT sort again
resound Class (A)
ree-ZOUND the walls ~ with joyous laughter
REE-SOUND ~ him out on that proposal
restore Class (A)
ri-STOR ~ your confidence
REE-STOR please ~ the tapes in the vault
resume Class (F)
ri-ZOOM continue
REZ-oo-may work summary
retake Class (B)
ree-TAKE we’ll ~ the city
REE-take we’ll need to do a ~ tomorrow
retard Class (A)
REE-tard who’s the ~ that left the door open?
ri-TARD ~ the timing on your car
return Class (A)
ri-TURN I will ~ the sweater
REE-TURN redo a project on a lathe
review Class (B)
ri-VEW look over
REE-VEW view something again
rewind Class (B)
ree-WINED don’t forget to ~ your tapes
REE-wined hit the ~ button
rodeo Class (P)
RODE-ee-oh western cowboy show
roe-DAY-oh ~ Drive
rose Class (F)
ROZE type of flower
roze-AY type of wine
rout Class (A)
ROUT disastrous defeat
ROTE a cattle bellow
router Class (E)
ROUT-ur woodworking tool
ROOT-ur or ROUT-ur a horse trained for distance races
row Class (A)
RAU a fight
ROE ~,~,~ your boat
sake Class (D)
SAKE for your own ~
SOK-ee Japanese drink (also saki)
salve Class (A)
SAV ointment
SALV salvage
secrete/d/ive Class (E)
SEE-krut or si-KREET to conceal in a hiding place
si-KREET to form and give off
seer Class (E)
SEE-ur or SIR one that sees
SIR unit of weight
segment Class (B)
SEG-munt a portion
seg-MENT to separate into segments
separate Class (B)
SEP-u-rate ~ those two
SEP-u-rut put them in ~ places
sewer Class (A)
SUE-ur storm ~
SOE-ur one who sews
shin Class (E)
SHIN part of leg
SHEEN or SHIN 22nd letter in Hebrew alphabet
shower Class (A)
SHAU-ur bathe
SHOW-ur one who shows
sin Class (E)
SIN moral offense
SEEN or SIN 21st letter in Hebrew alphabet
singer Class (A)
SING-ur one who sings
SINJ-ur one who singes
skied Class (D)
SKEED past tense of ski
SKYD hung a painting up high
slaver Class (E)
SLAY-vur one who sells slaves
SLAV-ur or SLAY-vur drool
slough Class (A)
SLUE marshy place
SLUF shed skin
sol Class (A)
SOLE do re mi fa ~
SAWL old French coin
soles Class (A)
SOULZ plural of sole
SOH-lase plural of sol (French coin)
sow Class (A)
SAU female pig
SOH plant seeds
stipulate Class (A)
STIP-yu-late request explicitly
STIP-yu-lut having stipules
subject Class (B)
SUB-jikt one who is ruled by another
sub-JEKT to subjugate
supply Class (A)
su-PLY provide
SUP-lee in a supple way
survey Class (B,E)
SUR-vay or sur-VAY inspect
sur-VAY or SUR-vay a report of what has been surveyed
suspect Class (B)
sus-PEKT he doesn’t ~ a thing
SUS-pekt he’s our main ~
swinger Class (A)
SWING-ur one who swings
SWIN-jur whopper
syndicate Class (B)
SIN-di-kut a business group
SIN-du-kate to sell to a syndicate
tang Class (C)
TANG sharp flavor
TONG Chinese dynasty
tangier Class (P)
TANG-ee-ur more tangy
tan-JIR Moroccan seaport
tarry Class (A)
TAIR-ee linger
TAR-ee covered with tar
taxes Class (A)
TAK-suz plural of tax
TAK-seez plural of taxis
taxis Class (A)
TAK-seez plural of taxi
TAK-sus manual reduction of a hernia
tear Class (A)
TAIR rip
TEER produced when crying
thou Class (A)
THOW a thousand
tier Class (A)
TEER row or rank
TIE-ur one who ties
toots Class (S)
TOOTS blows a horn
TUHTS short for Tootsie (slang)
tori Class (E,P)
TOR-ee singer ~ Amos
TOR-eye or TOR-ee plural of torus
torment Class (B,E)
TOR-ment agony
tor-MENT or TOR-ment mosquitoes ~ me
tower Class (A)
TAO-ur tall building
TOE-ur one who tows
transfer Class (B,E)
trans-FUR or TRANS-fur to move
TRANS-fur a transference
transplant Class (B)
trans-PLANT to move to another place
TRANS-plant the act of transplanting
transport Class (B)
trans-PORT to carry
TRANS-port the act of transporting
transpose Class (B)
trans-POZE to transform
TRANS-poze matrix formed by swapping rows and columns
triton Class (A)
TRY-ten type of mollusk
TRY-ton the nucleus of tritium
unionized Class (A)
YEWN-yun-ized ~ labor
un-EYE-on-ized ~ hydrogen
upset Class (B)
UP-set stomach ~
up-SET angry
use Class (B)
YOOS what’s the ~
YOOZ ~ the force
used Class (B)
YOOST I ~ to live in New York
YOOSED I ~ two towels
violist Class (A)
VIUL-ist viol player
vee-OH-lust viola player
whiffler Class (E)
WIF-lur one that clears the way for a procession
WIF-e-lur or WIF-lur one that changes his opinion
wind Class (A)
WIND moving air
WINED turn
withy Class (B,E)
WITHE-ee a flexible slender twig
WITH-ee or WITHE-ee flexibly tough
won Class (A)
WAHN Korean currency
WUN past tense of win
worms Class (P)
WURMZ fish bait
VORMZ German city
won Class (A)
WAHN Korean currency
WUN past tense of win
yak Class (E)
YAK long-haired ox
YAUK or YAK laugh (slang)
ye Class (E)
YEE oh ~ of little faith
YUH or THE or YEE ~ Old Gifte Shoppe