5 tips to study faster and more effectively


1. Make a study plan. To study faster – plan the date of study and the time you will spend. Ensure calmness from meetings and telephones during this time.

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2. Eliminate distractions. Prepare all the materials you need to learn, put water to drink nearby, cover the curtains if the sun is distracting you.

3. Take handwritten notes. If you’re making hand notes, you’ll remember information more easily. You choose more important information, point out all relevant information.

4. Study, nap, study. Research show that a short nap allows you to remember better and study faster. If you find time on it, during your learning session, you will gain more knowledge.

5. Keep You calm. When you learn something with passion, you forget about other things. This is unhealthy. You should drink, eat, sometimes open the window and just “catch your breath”.

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