Vocabulary for psychology



adolescence adulthood assertive aware awareness bond brain
capacity childhood conscious correlation ESP extrasensory perception fantasy
foster function Gestalt group dynamics group home health holistic
humiliate incentive infancy internal involuntary mature mental
mental telepathy methodolgy mind motivate motivat(ed)/ion motoric motor skills->
fine ~ gross ~ noise normal nurse nurture out of body experience
patient perception physical physiological psychiatry psychology rationalization
reality relationship research reward sane sensation sense
sensual stage(s) stigma sublimation superstition surface telepathy
theorem theory unconscious voluntary


attitude behavior cause consultant diagnose, diagnosis documentation electroencephalogram
emotion emotional etiology motor skills-> fine ~ gross ~ psychoanalysis
pulse reaction response source stimulus test


antidepressant cubic centimeters drug(s) drowsiness expectorant gram medicine
milligram milliliter ointment pharmacy pill-> take ~ powder
prescription prescription drugs tranquilizer valium


abnormal abuse acute affective aggressive anxiety apathy
asymptomatic atrophy bipolar (disorder) breakdown burn out case cause
chronic crisis defensive delusion demented dementia denial
depression deteriorate deviate, deviation disorientation, disoriented dissociate Dissociative Identity Disorder dissonance
dizziness dysfunction faint flashback Freudian slip hallucination ill->
to be ill illness immature incurable insane insomnia isolated
mentally retarded motivat(ed)/ion-> lacking in ~ Multiple Personality Disorder neurosis numb obsession
out-patient pale paranoid pass out perversion pervert psychosis
psychosomatic regression repression retarded schizophrenic sensitive sick
sleepy slip of the tongue somatic spaced out spasm suicide suppress
susceptible symptom tantrum tense tension trace trauma
unconscious unmotivated withdraw(n) withdrawal workaholic


autonomous, autonomy belittle belittled betray betrayed bewilder bewildered
bully burn out criticize docile eat away at emotional empathy
encourage estranged flexible freak out fussy geek hermit
humiliate immature impotence intimacy intimate intimidate intimidated
isolated (feel) left out maltreatment manipulate motivated neglected neutral
noble nonchalant nurture objective obsession ordeal pacify
patronize patronized persuasion perversion philanthropy positive prejudice
pressure punctual reaction realistic reckless recluse repulse, repulsion
quick witted scar (psychological) sensitive spaced out speak out spontaneous stereotype
style suicide suppress take advantage of take for granted talkative tension
tight trauma two-faced unmotivated violence weak yield


aversive (conditioning) classical conditioning client client centered clinic clinical conditioned
conditioning conflict resolution cope counseling counselor counterconditioning decompensation
desenzitization disclosure displacement electroconvulsive therapy emergency department emergency room environment
evaluate exacerbate examination extinction free association group therapy hypnosis
hypnotize hypnotized ice breaker in-patient introspection medicine operant conditioning
out-patient patient projection recover, recovery rehabilitation reinforce reinforcement
relapse risk remission screen self-disclosure session support
symptom therapy treat therapy treatment unconditioned